Crafting a Granny Square Blanket – Free Pattern

Welcome everyone! Today, we’re going to talk about granny square blankets. You might be wondering, what is a granny square? Or maybe you’ve heard of them before but never tried making one yourself. Either way, I’m here to tell you why granny square blankets are worth making.

First of all, there’s something special about creating something with your own two hands. It’s a sense of accomplishment that can’t be matched by simply buying something from a store. And when it comes to granny square blankets, not only do you get that sense of accomplishment, but you also end up with a cozy and beautiful blanket that you can use or gift to someone else. Plus, they’re perfect for using up leftover yarn from other projects.

What is a Granny Square?

A granny square is a basic crochet motif that is used to create a variety of projects, including blankets, scarves, and even clothing. It is made up of clusters of double crochet stitches that are worked in rounds, with each round building on the previous one. The result is a square shape that can be repeated and joined together to create larger pieces.

To make a granny square, start by creating a chain of four stitches and joining them into a ring. Then, work your way around the ring, adding clusters of double crochet stitches and chain spaces to create the first round. Continue working in this way, adding additional rounds until you have reached the desired size for your project. The beauty of the granny square is that it is easy to customize and adapt to suit your own preferences and skill level.

Choosing Yarn and Colors

When it comes to choosing yarn for your granny square blanket, there are a few things to consider. First, think about the purpose of the blanket. Will it be a decorative throw or a cozy afghan? This will help you determine what weight of yarn to use. If you want a lightweight, airy blanket, go for a thinner yarn. If you want something more substantial, opt for a thicker yarn.

Next, consider the color scheme. Granny square blankets are known for their bright and bold colors, but you don’t have to stick to just one palette. Experiment with mixing and matching different colors to create a unique and eye-catching design. You can also play with different textures and finishes, such as matte vs. shiny or solid vs. variegated yarns.

Joining the Squares

To join your granny squares, you can use a technique called “whipstitching.” This involves using a needle and thread to sew the squares together, with the stitches hidden between the squares. To begin, line up two squares with the right sides facing each other and whipstitch along one edge. Repeat this process until all of the squares are joined together in the desired pattern.

Another option is to use a crochet hook to join the squares together. This technique is called “crochet joining” or “crochet seaming.” To do this, hold two squares with the right sides facing each other and insert your hook through both loops of the first stitch on each square. Yarn over and pull through all loops on the hook to complete the stitch. Continue this process for the length of the seam, then repeat for each additional seam.

Variations on the Granny Square

The granny square is a versatile pattern that can be adapted in many ways to create unique designs. One popular variation is the solid granny square, which eliminates the holes in the center of the square for a more solid look. This can be achieved by working double crochet stitches instead of chain stitches in the corners.

Another fun variation is the flower granny square, which incorporates floral motifs into the design. This can be done by working clusters of double crochet stitches in a petal shape and then joining them together to form a flower. The possibilities for creativity with the granny square are endless!


In conclusion, making a granny square blanket is not only a fun and rewarding experience, but also a practical one. The sense of accomplishment that comes from completing such a project is truly unmatched. And let’s not forget about the cozy end result – there’s nothing quite like snuggling up under a handmade blanket on a chilly evening.

But don’t just take our word for it – give it a try yourself! With so many variations and possibilities, there’s sure to be a granny square blanket that suits your taste and style. And if you need help getting started or want to learn more, there are plenty of resources available online and in local crafting communities. So go ahead, pick up those crochet hooks and start creating!

Free Pattern and Tutorial Here

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